The Harbour Bar, Bray

7th April 2017


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7 April 2017

The Harbour Bar

Bray, Co. Wicklow .

The bar was voted “The Best Bar in the World” by Lonely Plane...

New EP: Impossible, Impractical

The Felonies

The Felonies is a young, vibrant 4 piece band hailing from County Wicklow. Founded in 2015, their unique sound encompasses alternative garage / indie rock, having taken inspiration from The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin and Kasabian.


They have a unique and original sound that benefits both studio and live. Having played in venues including Fibber Magee’s, The Harbour Bar, Whelan’s & The Sugar Club, the band is eager to expand their live performances to a wider audience in Dublin.


Their debut EP, “Impossible, Impractical”, launched in November 2015, gained immediate notoriety among their loyal fan base., in their review of “Impossible, Impractical”, said:


“Impressively, in spite of their age, they’ve already released a gem of a debut EP, full of belting indie tunes and pulsing rock anthems. Combining indie rock with hard rock, they’ve created a sound that is unique to themselves as a band, and this benefits their energetic live shows as well as their catchy guitar-based original music.”

“The Felonies blow our pre-conceptions out of the water with their brilliant melding of indie/rock and hard rock and a sort of Arctic Monkeys feel to their sound. ‘Second Attempt’ is like early Arctic Monkeys, with clashes of steel guitar and relentless drumming – it is just an infectious track of musical perfection. ‘Fire in the Snow’ is a more steady-burning track, more focused on the gruff vocals of the boys, with a grittier guitar feel”

“It’s amazing to see such a young band to have such finesse to their sound, it’s powerful and focused, and everything that music should be – one can only wait in anticipation for what they have to offer in 2016.”